Renaissance Sound and Light performs all of the necessary services to provide you with a smoothly functioning and appealing audio, lighting, and video system for any environment.

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Full Consulting Service

Our team will sit down with you to discuss your specific needs, and to determine the systems that are right for you. We take into account the systems you already have in place and determine your current needs in order to provide an optimized system that provides the quality you look for in audio, lighting, and video without added costs.

Full In-House Design

Renaissance provides custom designed systems that will meet the needs of any environment. Our designs are made based around your specific needs and space. Through the use of system design drawings and precise measurement we are able to provide you with an idea of how the actual system will be integrated in the space.

System Built for your Venue

Our experienced engineers work in the venue to install, test, and optimize all systems. We work to make sure that all parts of the system work flawlessly, look professional,  and are to the specifications laid out in the design.

Your Team and Ours

Once the system is installed, we don’t leave without giving you the knowledge needed to run the system. Our engineers will sit down with your staff or volunteers to help guide them through how to use the gear and keep it functioning properly.

Brands We use: